Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Do you believe you can do Hypnosis?

How do you find out?

Beliefs can be the difference between failure and success, happiness and unhappiness, between being stuck or thriving in your endeavours. They can interfere with or accelerate progress, they can be the difference between simply existing and living your dreams!

Being a hypnotherapist means being a "people person," and really caring about people. While the skills to hypnotise a person can be learned by just about anyone, it takes someone with a love of working with people to be a great hypnotherapist.

Clients will need to be comfortable with you and to trust that you are looking out for their best interests. A friendly, sincere and open manner is good to have, and client relations skills can be learned and polished to very professional levels with an ability to be authentic, caring and sincere with the client at their level, where ever that may be.

Before starting a course, we recommend that you test it out yourself, join us for the information evening or book on the 2-day weekend.  Sample hypnosis and get a personal feel for the experience.  It's such an experiential process that we recommend you have a go first.

Watch Hypnotherapy in Action
In the video below, Gordon Young, our lead trainer, demonstrates his version of an open eye trance to facilitate a significant change with a woman who reports being stuck, in under 10 minutes.

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