Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How qualified is your NLP trainer?

How well do you know your NLP trainer?

Before you make the decision to undertake an NLP course, you should consider the courses available. Beyond NLP expect you to thoroughly research our course and our teacher before you commit to our training.  It’s a lot of money and time to spend and a costly mistake if you make the wrong choice. 

We are very confident that once you’ve done your research, you’ll be certain that BEYOND NLP’s version of NLP is the best course of its kind in Australia and the best choice for you. 

Beware the untrained trainer.
NLP trainer is an unregulated term and NLP courses are an unregulated field. 
It’s possible to sign up to a course with a trainer who has just started out, with no practical experience.  NLP is complex, and should be taught by a trainer with several years of practical experience as both practitioner and teacher.

Choosing an NLP course should come down to the trainer. 
NLP is an experiential, dynamic concept.  A trainer should have the skills to bring you on a journey, to show clear examples of behaviours needing change and using real people’s reactions and signals to drive the direction of the course. 

This means the audience is truly touched by the learning, as they are a part of it and become active participants rather than a captive audience.  It takes an experienced trainer to have this amount of impact. 

Before you commit, ask where your NLP trainer learned their craft?
BEYOND NLP gives you a trainer who has travelled to the United States and the Erickson Foundation to complete NLP training.

BEYOND NLP’s course material has been influenced by industry leaders including Bill O’Hanlon, Robert Dilts, and Stephen Gilligan.

Our trainer has over 10 years in private practice, has spent hundreds of hours in clinics with real people, and has also run many training courses.

Who would you rather taught your NLP course?

The risks of choosing an underqualified NLP trainer
It is a dangerous undertaking to take on the training of others with limited knowledge.  It’s too easy to generalise without understanding the detail and substance behind the concepts.

Blanket statements like “you attract everything in to your life, so be careful what you wish for”, is a common teaching in many NLP courses. It’s very easy to poke holes in these concepts if you give them even a little thought. 

Yet vulnerable students, wishing to believe their teacher, are reluctant to question what they are being taught. 

A trainer with years of practice, who uses NLP both in their life and to help others, should teach NLP.  Someone who has tried and failed and made mistakes and learned from them. 

BEYOND NLP is different. 
This experience is what our trainer brings to your NLP training.  Not just the overseas training, the international contacts and the depth of knowledge, but the innate knowledge of how NLP works on human behaviour that can only be gained from years of experience. 

What sort of NLP are you looking for?  What sort of teacher?

It’s an easy decision when you think about it.  Our NLP.  Our teacher.

Our next course begins on September 19th.  Join us and experience our NLP.  Be immersed in the difference Our NLP offers.

Call 02 9977 7937 and talk to us or visit to receive a copy of our training guide. 

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